“Smiles” a new song by Aaron Hanania

“I saw the smiles returning to the faces, I saw the mile running round the track.

I” saw the children running with their parents, I saw the dogs running with the kites.

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“Smiles,” released November 2nd, 2019, is Aaron Hanania’s first ukulele song.

Hanania shared where the inspiration for the lyrics and vibe stemmed from.

“Part of what I do with my music is trial and error. I like pushing my boundaries. I was fiddling around with my ukulele and I found a four chord progression that I fell in love with. I quickly picked up my guitar and tried the same progression only to find it didn’t have that same feel to it.”

Smiles, a song by singer, musician and author Aaron Hanania

“From there, I spent two weeks fiddling with different lyrics and nothing was working. I honestly gave up at that point with the song,” Hanania said.

Hanania then waited two months and was writing a spontaneous song, with a similar four chord progression, on the acoustic guitar, when he wrote “Smiles.”

“It’s interesting because “Smiles” was a complete accident. I was describing what happens after a significant tragedy; from the darkness stems happiness and closeness. I was picturing the scene where people all come out after a horrible storm and survey the damage; they are just happy to see their friends and neighbors. “Smiles,” is very much describing that moment, where the smiles return to their faces,” Hanania said.

When asked about the ukulele, Hanania offered an interesting insight.

“Ah yes, the ukulele. After I wrote the song on my acoustic, I remembered the progression on the ukulele and I figured I’d give it a try. To my amazement it worked fantastically. The sound of the ukulele, in my opinion, really gives the song a warm vibe, which is what I wanted the song to be from the beginning. I guess it all worked out in the end,” Hanania said with a smile.

“For me, “Smiles” brings me to a happy place, it always puts me in a good mood, and in a day in an age where there is a significant lack of happiness among people, having something positive to rely on really hits home for me,” Hanania said.