“Summer Dream” by solo artists Aaron Hanania

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Summer Dream, released October 19th, 2019, is Aaron Hanania’s first acoustic single.

“Summer Dream served as my benchmark in music. I was fresh off of the release of my first album, Deep Space, so I wanted to try releasing a single,” Hanania said.

Hanania explained how the sound of the song directly represents the cover photo.

Summer Dream song cover by Aaron Hanania

“I have a photo hanging over my desk that depicts waves coming onto the shore of a beach in Cozumel, Mexico. That photo would become the cover photo for Summer Dream.”

“I wanted to bring the exact moment I captured that photo to life via the use of music. I could hear the sound of the people around me talking, and I could hear the rhythmic sound of the water hitting the shore.”

“I played around with sound for a while to portray that moment to listeners. Finally, I settled on using the gentle fingerpicking on my acoustic guitar to stand in for the constant buzzing of waves. I then used an electric guitar, recorded by Alex Doonan, to stand in for the voices. The electric guitar segment is not consistent throughout the song, and that replicates voices because both are not consistent.”

“As a whole, the various parts of the song work together to bring the listener into the world of their ‘Summer Dream’,” Hanania said.