Wise Man by Aaron Hanania

“You were looking for me today looking for the hopes you had. 

You were holding my hand today, giving me the strength I thought I had.

Looking at you seeing what the time did to you, it created pain for me and you.

Your knowledge lost in time as time lost the knowledge.

How do I get it back before it’s gone for good?”

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Wise Man Cover, sogn, By Aaron Hanania, November 2019

In his 2019 single, “Wise Man,” musician, Aaron Hanania, depicts the concept of life as told by the story of a wise man. Hanania reflected about his writing process for “Wise Man.”

“I wanted to convey a sense of urgency, longing, delicacy and time in the song. Almost like a reflection on life, the song depicts how a generic someone impacts the lives of others. But that someone, the wise man, is fighting the clock for time is running out,” Hanania said.

Hanania continued, “the idea of the song is to reflect on the beauty life while showcasing how life progresses.”

Hanania also wanted, “Wise Man” to depict the happy moments in life.

“Think about a time when you looked back on a memory that you hold close. You reflect on it and it becomes nostalgic, which brings you back to a good time in your life. I think the line, ‘running through the apple fields, free at last, free at heart. I saw the day you ran from me,’ depicts that emotion.”

Hanania also spoke about how the sound of the song accents the story.

“As you listen to the song, you will hear a soft ambient hum that compliments the guitar and vocals. The hum creates a mist-like effect that I get when I think back on specific memories. It really helps to convey a sense of nostalgic longing,” Hanania said.

When asked about the black and white cover, Hanania shared the inspiration.

“The song itself is rather simple, but very powerful, and slightly mysterious, so I knew I wanted a cover to reflect that. I messed around with a lot of photos, but I found that a black and white headshot with no expressed emotion served as a perfect fit for a song that is about such an impactful concept.”

Hanania also spoke about what the meaning of “Wise Man” actually is.

“Music is about leaving the interpretation up to the listener, or reader if they choose to read your lyrics. The wise man is a symbolic statement that represents whoever or whatever has significant meaning to the audience. It is up to them to imagine their Wise Man in the song.”

Hanania noted that he uses his music to share messages with his audience.

“In every song of mine, there is a message or two or three that may be pretty hidden that I like to share. For Wise Man, that message is that life is beautiful in the end. Sure there may be dark times, but after all is said and done, life is beautiful in the end. That very line happens to be the final line of the song,” Hanania said happily.

“Wise Man” was released on November 26th, 2019. It can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, and others.

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